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Welcome to Net-Steals.com

We're your new home for the internet trading...

The site was first started December 15, 2015, but due to some disagreement and issues with the server and programmers of the software, we went part ways for temporarily for about few months, making the site unavailable and leaving it good as dead, until on November 5th, 2018, we have found a new server, and new and improved software and the site was resurrected from the ashes... We have lost about 2000 items or so that were on the old site, but we are now getting a lot heavier traffic now, since we are doing more aggressive advertising, and alexa rankings are keep improving... We are adding more and more items, and encouraging our members to do the same. We now feature a better E-bay import interface than before, more choice of stores(Free, subscription, and one-time pay store) while keeping the final value fee at a fixed, low 1.2%, ONLY if the item sells.

New for the new site is that, for a while, until we can grow to where the size that many know about us, we will try to promote all your listings on our pinterest, and other areas so it gets more exposures...

Best of all, listing is FREE, sign up is FREE, and most of the listing upgrades are FREE, and the starting, basic, FREE store you can list up to 8,500 items(which is more than enough for most sellers), with bigger stores available for a reasonable price...

Also, new on the new site that was NOT on the old site is that, there is a chat box on the bottom right corner, so if you see us online, you can chat with us, if we are NOT online, simply drop us a line, then we will get back to you, along with the shoutbox on top of the page where you can use to ask questions or chat with other members.

So, join us today and get the taste of what net-steals can offer you... The more we grow, we can have more transactions, so you can have a much cheaper alternative to your favorite auction site giants like E-bay, E-bid, Amazon, or Etsy and so on.

Thank you for your visit... and God Bless...